About Tamerton Farm

The farm – 40 acres of tree covered hills, many of which are from the Northern hemisphere, and flat paddocks makes for a relaxing environment with ever changing views and landscapes. Each season is unique as we see new life on the farm in Spring mature and develop through the year. As well as the farm animals, pheasant, guinea fowl, rabbits, hares and wild ducks abound. Winter sees small flocks of peacocks strutting their stuff, with the sound of Morepork resonating at night.


The farm sits on a bed of ironstone with an overlay of papa clay which makes for challenging land management.


The name Tamerton derives from the village of Tamerton Foliot in Devon where Stephen grew up. The logo for the farm portrays the 16th Century village Church, a feature tree from the farm and a Suffolk ram which represents the main farming enterprise.


While immersed in the country, the farm is only minutes from town. The family enjoy sharing their piece of paradise with visitors who have the freedom to roam and take part in any farming activities going on.

296 Longacre Road

Okoia, Whanganui ~ New Zealand

Phone: (06) 342 4749

Tamerton Farm